Hail Damage in North Raleigh

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Hail Damage in North Raleigh

The team at Rescue Roofing Specialists often work in the Raleigh area. Our corporate office is location on Falls of Neuse Rd, right in the middle of all the activity. One of the things we’ve noticed as we help our Raleigh neighbors maintenance their roofs, is that there are many neighborhoods with homes that have… Read more »

Tips for Cleaning Your Roof’s Rain Gutters

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Cleaning Your Rain Gutters

Owning a home has many benefits, but it also comes with a variety of responsibilities. These responsibilities may be a basic as cutting the lawn or as involved as cleaning the rain gutters. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to make cleaning the rain gutters more manageable. And with Autumn just around the corner,… Read more »

Roof Maintenance: How to Keep Your Roof at its Best

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Roof Maintenance- How to Keep Your Roof at its Best

You’ve just had your roof installed and it looks amazing! All the shingles have their granules, there is no buildup of debris, the flashing is secured and the shingles are not curling, dried or otherwise damage. However, like anything else, it won’t stay that way indefinitely unless you make it a point to do roof… Read more »

Are Skylights Good for Your Home?

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Are Skylights Good for Your Home?

In recent years, one of the more common choices for home lighting has been the installation of skylight. After all, having a skylight can let homeowners to have a beautiful view of the night sky while minimizing the need for using more traditional lighting during the day. But, are skylights worthy of all the hype… Read more »