Roof Maintenance: How to Keep Your Roof at its Best

You’ve just had your roof installed and it looks amazing! All the shingles have their granules, there is no buildup of debris, the flashing is secured and the shingles are not curling, dried or otherwise damage. However, like anything else, it won’t stay that way indefinitely unless you make it a point to do roof maintenance on a regular basis.

Roof maintenance is not something terribly difficult to do. In fact, one does not have to be a roofer to keep their roof in good shape. Rather, roof maintenance is accomplished by making it a priority to do the following:

  • After any significant storm, take a few minutes to walk the perimeter of your home and check for any loose shingles or debris. If there are missing or loose shingles or if you have tree limbs/branches lying on your roof, you need to address them as soon as it is dry enough to go up on your roof. When removing any limbs that may be on your roof, do not use a pressure washer to force the branches off the roof as this can cause shingles to be damaged or loosen!

  • Pay attention to any tree limbs that may extend over your roof. If there are any limbs that extend within ten feet of your roof, you will want to have them cut back. Removing any nearby tree branches will also make it more difficult for small animals such as squirrels or opossums to make their way to your roof.

  • Should you live in an area where snow or ice storms are common, or perhaps your region is having an unusually cold winter, note any ice buildup on the roof. If you can safely remove any of the ice/snow between storms it will prevent any leaking. But, while removal of precipitation buildup is part of roof maintenance, you should never try to pry off ice that has already formed as this can cause damage to the roof.

  • Clean out the rain gutters so that trash cannot get pushed under the shingles that are at the roof’s edge. Note any moss or staining on your roof and remove it sooner, not later!

If you have lived in your home a while, and have not had the roof replaced, then roof maintenance is especially important. Be sure to do a roof inspection often, so that you can address any issues quickly and not find yourself needing immediate (read, help needed yesterday) attention from the pros here at Rescue Roofing Specialists. Of course, should you have a roof that needs rescuing, be sure to contact us. We are here to help!

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