Siding Services

The Rescue Roofing team is also your go-to solution for vinyl siding. We are a full-service construction company specializing in commercial and residential roofing and siding installation. We have the capabilities of a large construction company with the service customers expect from a small, locally owned business.

As a building material, vinyl siding is relatively new — it was introduced in the late 1950s as a substitute for aluminum siding. It steadily grew in popularity over the next four decades because of its durability, versatility and ease of maintenance. The product is manufactured primarily with polyvinyl chloride, a material that gives it impact resistance, rigidity and strength.

Today, vinyl siding is the number one choice of exterior cladding across the country.

Statistics show twice as many homeowners side their homes with vinyl than with any other material. The reason, in part, is because it's often cheaper than red cedar or redwood, and takes less time to install. Vinyl siding is available in a broad palette of colors, profiles and trims to assist architects, builders and homeowners in customizing their new construction and renovation designs, and can complement historical restoration projects.

What isn’t to love with a choice that gives you so many options and generally requires less maintenance over time?

Let us help you review the choices that are available and get your siding project completed in a timely manner! Give us a call to learn more!