Energy Assessments

It’s possible that you could be saving money on your home’s energy costs. And it could easily be a lot of money.

So often, homeowners don’t take the time to think about how the systems within in their homes could be working more efficiently. It’s often a case of “out of sight, out of mind.” And that’s why we encourage each and every homeowner to conduct periodic inspections on their homes and properties on a periodic basis. Very often those “out of sight” areas have issues that – over time – will worsen and create bigger and more costly repairs.

Rescue Roofing Specialists has a sister company that focuses on making sure that your home is using energy in the most efficient manner. Energy Rescue Plus offers homeowners a comprehensive energy assessment (also called an energy audit) so that they can identify weak areas in their home’s structure and duct systems. More often than not, simple retrofits can dramatically improve energy efficiency; and improved energy efficiency means improved air quality and lower energy costs!

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Learn how to save money on your energy bills after a simple energy assessment!

We're talking about a simple inspection, an energy assessment, that will make you aware of ways that you could be saving money each month on your energy bills. So often, a homeowner isn't aware of weak insulation or old construction in their crawl space or attic - and fixing these issues are often easy and inexpensive.

Would you like to schedule an energy assessment or learn more about the details involved if an Energy Auditor stops by to visit your home? Get in touch with us today! Fill out the form below.

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